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Enhance your understanding of process improvement tools using these free courses

Free Course Variation


Free Course: In this brief lesson you will learn about the causes in process variation in healthcare and why understanding variation is important.

Free Tool Run Chart

Run Chart

Free Course: The run chart is a useful tool for determining the type of variation your process exhibits. This short lesson covers how to create and interpret a run chart.

Control Chart Free Lesson

Control Chart

Free Course: The control chart is an essential tool for determining whether or not a process change improved performance. This lesson on control charts will teach you how to create and interpret this important statistical process control tool.

Causal Tree

Causal Tree

Free Course: The causal tree is a tool for investigating all of the factors and conditions that allowed a cascade of actions to cause error. In this lesson you will learn how to create a causal tree.

Free Tool Fishbone

Fishbone Diagram

Free Course: This short lesson covers one of the 7 essential quality tools--The Fishbone. The Fishbone is a proven tool for finding the causes of error.