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“Courses designed with the learner in mind

About Us

Laboratory Learning Solutions provides online non-clinical training courses for earning CEU’s, learning new skills or for enhancing existing skills. We offer a fast simple way to course completion.The focus of our courses is on healthcare, with courses specific to the diagnostic laboratory.

Our Vision

At Laboratory Learning Solutions we offer more than courses. We offer support, mentorship and assistance. Our goal is to successfully guide the learner along their chosen path.

We specialize in valuable non-clinical training courses tailored for healthcare professionals, particularly those in the diagnostic laboratory field. Our passion is to provide a fast and simple pathway to course completion, along with self-paced learning supported by expert guidance, commitment to facilitating accessible and effective education.

Who We Are

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Rita D’Angelo P.h.D. Founder
Bonnie Messinger
William Krzisnik M.S

Our Instructors

What We Offer

  1. Course Offerings: We provide a range of non-clinical training courses designed to help healthcare professionals earn continuing education credits (CEUs) and develop or enhance skills relevant to the diagnostic laboratory.
  2. Experienced Instructors: Our team consists of experienced, skilled, and knowledgeable industry experts who serve as instructors, ensuring that learners receive high-quality education from individuals with practical expertise in the field.
  3. Focus on Healthcare and Diagnostic Laboratory:  Our courses specifically target healthcare professionals working in diagnostic laboratories, indicating a specialized approach tailored to the needs and challenges of this particular sector.
  4. Self-Paced Learning: Courses are designed to be self-paced, offering flexibility for learners to study according to their own schedules. This approach can be particularly beneficial for busy professionals seeking to balance work and professional development.
  5. Expert Guidance and Mentorship: While our courses are self-paced, they are supported by expert guidance and mentorship, ensuring that learners receive the necessary support and assistance to successfully complete their training.