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We provide non-clinical training courses for earning continuing education credits (CEU’s), learning new skills or for enhancing existing skills. We offer a fast simple way to course completion.The focus of our courses is on healthcare, with courses specific to the diagnostic laboratory. Our Instructors are experienced, skilled, knowledgeable industry experts.

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3 CEU's

You will learn principles and concepts of Lean to redesign processes and eliminate defects from occurring. This course includes short instructional video lectures and a quiz. Get your certificate fast. No assignment.

6 CEU's

You will plan, conduct and execute a Kaizen event to rapidly improve a process. Course includes several short instructional video lectures, quiz and an assignment.

16 CEU's

In this series of 3 courses: you will learn how to execute a Kaizen event and utilize process mapping and the scientific method to conduct process improvements. The series include instructional video lectures, quiz and an assignment. 

37 CEU's

A Lean Practitioner guides, assists and educates teams to synergistically optimize workflow and redesign wasteful processes. This program consisting of 7 modules includes: instructional video lectures, quizzes and assignments geared toward mastering the skill to serve as a Lean Practitioner. 

Continuing Education Credits

Learning Solutions provide P.A.C.E.® credits that are widely recognized in the clinical laboratory profession and are used to manage and track continuing education

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Our programs will prepare you with new skills, enhance your existing skills or get your foot in the door for an entry level position.

Rita D'Angelo P.h.D., Founder

Our courses will provide instructional content and a “how to” approach to demonstrate your skill in the workplace

Programs include a mix of instructional material and a course project. The course project will prepare you to transfer your newly learned skill to the workplace.

Our instructors are passionate and work diligently to ensure the learners receive the best education for their investment.

What Our Students Have to Say

This course provided by the D'Angelo advantage was easy to understand, well designed and easy for me to navigate on-line. The pace of the course was good I found the testing that was included provided good and proper feedback to see if I really was understanding the concepts presented. I have participated in many on-line training sessions in my career and find these to be at the top of the list.
Tim W.
Very informative. I love it
It was a great summary of condensed information. It was a lot to cover in two days, but the teachings were laid out in a well thought sequence. I appreciate this training so much.
Tami S.
Great courses! Love the format, very easy to use!
Jeanette H.
Good course
Jean R.
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