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Lean Practitioner for Healthcare


37.0 Contact hours. Through this “learn at your own pace” certificate program, you will learn the skill to serve as the role of Lean Practitioner in the healthcare environment. The role of a Lean Practitioner is instrumental to assist the organization problem solve by collecting data and applying the results for process waste elimination. The principles, concepts and methodologies will prepare you to educate teams and initiate and lead successful cost cutting process improvements in your organization. The certificate program includes 7 course modules, quizzes and a course project. Learn more:  Certificate Program: Lean Practitioner in Healthcare


Program Description:

In this “at your own pace” online certificate program,  you will learn the skill to serve as the role of Lean Practitioner in healthcare. You will learn the principles and concepts of Lean and be able to contribute to a foundation of continuous improvement by understanding the following 7 modules:
The learning objectives within 7 modules included in the course are as follows:

Introduction to Lean
Explain the principles, methodology and tools of LEAN-to specific healthcare work processes
Translate the difference between value-add and non-value-add activities (waste)
Interpret how to execute a process redesign effort and design a waste-free process
Lean Management
Interpret the principles of Lean to foster the development of a healthcare-specific improvement strategy, philosophy, method and tool set
Explain the standard leadership practices necessary to drive Lean management
Translate the lessons and methods from past quality experts to the current environment
5S Workplace Organization
Describe a 5S event in the workplace that requires planning, preparation and leadership oversight
Demonstrate a 5 S plan to clean, organize and remove clutter by the assistance of all employees
Discuss a weekly 5S checklist to sustain the effort
Review an auditing process to ensure 5 S compliance
Observation: Go and See and Ask Why
Identify processes with the potential for defects
Describe types of waste applicable to healthcare
Explain how the 4 rules of work design effectively translate into healthcare process improvements
Outline activities to conduct a “go and see observation event”
Value Stream Mapping
Summarize wasteful activities in a current state map
Estimate the origin of non-value-added activities within the workflow
Describe redesign ideas for a future state map to contain only value add processes
A3 Problem Solving
Follow A 3 background/logic
Evaluate/interpret each A 3 Element
Formulate an A 3, – organize each element of an A 3 diagram for your project
Kaizen Events
Describe the meaning, process and application of a Kaizen event
Explain the Lean tools used
Demonstrate the process steps of a Kaizen Event




Virtual Group Sessions

Virtual Group Instruction Available as a part of this course.

We provide live virtual classrooms to assist teams explore lessons in depth and apply the concepts to their live environment. The virtual classroom includes weekly sessions with the instructor intended to allow teams to ask questions regarding the content, share lessons learned with other learners and brainstorm direction for change.

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