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Bundle: Laboratory Process Optimization

17.5 Contact hours ($175.00): This series of 3 courses include: 1) Introduction to Lean 2) A3 Scientific Problem Solving 3) Observation in the Laboratory: Go See and Ask Why? Armed with Lean problem-solving tools, we learn how to go to the gemba where the work is happening, observe the current process and understand how and why defects occur. You will understand how to document the defects and brainstorm development of a waste-free connection from the sender to receiver all based on the scientific method of problem-solving.


Bundle: Operational Strategies for Lean Leaders

18 Contact hours ($179.00): This series of 3 courses: 1) Introduction to Lean 2) Lean Management 3) Lean Operational Strategy include Lean concepts and lessons learned from our historic leaders in quality. We discuss learning from history to leverage the importance of leadership, structure, process, people and synergistic activity that will align the organization towards continual improvement.


Bundle: Lean Operational Efficiency

16.0 Contact hours ($159.99): This series of 3 courses: 1) Kaizen 2) Value Stream Mapping 3) A3 Scientific Problem Solving include how to plan, conduct and execute a Kaizen event with our team for a specified period of time. As a part of the Kaizen Event, we will use the methodology and tools of Lean to brainstorm a current state design or an illustration of the way the process looks today. Through a team approach to continuous improvement, we will identify opportunities embedded within that process and redesign an improved future state by using the scientific method of problem solving.


Bundle: Using Lean Methods to Expedite Improvement

10.0 Contact hours ($99.99): 10 Contact hours. This series of 2 courses: 1) A3 Scientific Problem Solving 2) Value Stream Mapping will prepare the learner with the understanding, knowledge, and skill to effectively expedite process improvements in the laboratory. You will learn the methodology and tools of Lean that will assist you to develop a current state that consists of 5-7 high-level steps called the Value Stream Map. By illustrating how the process operates today, we develop a waste-free redesigned future state by identifying opportunities for improvement. You will learn the technique to eliminate defective processes by the application of the scientific method of problem-solving.

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