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Bonny Messinger

Bonnie Messinger worked at ARUP Laboratories, Inc. for 37 years—from it’s inception in 1984 to her retirement in 2018. Ms. Messinger has broad experience in the laboratory including processing, hematology, urinalysis, and cytology. She supervised the ARUP Specimen Processing area for 5 years before moving into Quality Management in 1990 as the Quality Assurance Coordinator. Starting in 2003 she served as Quality Manager for 8 years then moved into Improvement Engineering as Process Improvement Manager until 2018. During her time at ARUP, Ms. Messinger was responsible for ARUP’s process improvement functions—developing new and existing improvement systems and methods, training and facilitating over 100 improvement teams, and overseeing the training of the organizational workforce on the tools and techniques of process improvement. She helped develop key enterprise-wide quality indicators for ARUP and served on the CLSI Document Development Committee on Quality Indicators. Ms. Messinger is a member of the National Association for Healthcare Quality and holds their Certificate for Professionals in Healthcare Quality. She is a Six Sigma Black Belt and is certified by the American Association for Quality as a Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence. She has authored several publications and delivered multiple lectures on laboratory quality for professional associations and conferences.

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