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Empowering Employees with Cost Cutting Authority

What If And Why Not Empower The Employees? 

Worker empowerment is assigning employees the authority, autonomy and responsibility to make change within a leadership specified framework. Working in this manner can ease the manager workload and assist the organization. The goal is to increase the top line, improve the bottom line and reduce laboratory waste. 
By encouraging employee creativity and innovation across all departments, the lab can make cost efficiency a daily part of lab workflow. By using data already present in the lab, front line decision making can add value to the process. The value is in the form of improved personnel engagement and higher operational efficiency. These data driven decisions align key performance indicators with both strategic and tactical leadership goals. They also point the organization to continuously improve quality and control costs. This effort is ongoing and not just as one-time projects. By enlisting the assistance of all employees within the organization, the goal of cost savings and increased profits becomes an achievable reality.