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Lean Practitioner for Healthcare

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Welcome to Lean Practitioner Program for Healthcare


Description: In this online certificate program, you will learn the skills to serve as a Lean Practitioner in the healthcare environment. As a Lean Practitioner, you will understand the principles, methods and techniques of the Toyota Production System applied to healthcare. In this role, you will learn how to develop, educate and mentor Lean teams to establish or enhance an organizational Lean foundation. The practitioner works with leadership to set up an environment of solving problems, collecting and evaluating data, eliminating waste and producing value. The goal of the Lean Practitioner is to assist the organization optimize workflow and redesign wasteful processes. You will be a critical part of the team by understanding the path to cost savings by including culture, people and processes.

Course Content


This this course, you will learn techniques and skills that will qualify you to assist your organization systematically eliminate waste and produce value. This program includes the following:

    • 7-course modules
    • Several Instructional video presentations
    • Quiz- (7) One quiz in each module
    • (3) Reflection points to encourage critical thinking
    • Course Project -7 assignments: You will learn how to apply lessons learned to identify and eliminate a defect from reoccurring




Course Text

We will use the text: The New Lean Healthcare Pocket Guide XL – Tools for the Elimination of Waste in Hospitals, Clinics and Other Healthcare Facilities throughout this course. Click here to review the book: 

Virtual Group Instruction

We provide live virtual classrooms to assist teams explore lessons in depth and apply the concepts to their live environment. The virtual classrooms includes weekly sessions with the instructor intended to allow teams to ask questions regarding the content, share lessons learned with other learners and brainstorm direction for change. Contact your instructor to learn more information on virtual team sessions, times and dates.

At the end of this course, you will be able to

  • Explain the principles, methodology and tools of LEAN-to specific healthcare work processes
  • Interpret the principles of Lean to foster the development of a laboratory-specific improvement strategy
  • Describe a 5S event in the workplace that requires planning, preparation and leadership oversight
  • Outline activities to conduct a “go and see observation event
  • Summarize wasteful activities within a current state map
  • Follow A 3 background/logic and interpret each A 3 element
  • Describe the meaning, process and application of a Kaizen event
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