Expert Online Non-technical Training for the Diagnostic Laboratory

Proficiency Testing to Identify Issues and Improve Quality

“Know the benefits and regulatory requirements of Proficiency Testing (PT) for your clinical laboratory.”

Proficiency Testing is required by CLIA for all moderate and high complexity clinical laboratories but is also an important external quality assessment tool for all clinical laboratories, including Waived-testing- only laboratories. Proficiency testing provides the means to assess the full testing process: method, instrument, results reporting and personnel.

Because proficiency testing provides external performance analyses, the process may detect performance issues, especially subtle ones, that may not be detected via quality control, instrument comparisons, or other quality assessment methods.

Your laboratory has spent the money for Proficiency Testing, so use the opportunity to get the most value from the PT data to identify issues and potential issues and correct them to improve the quality of your patient test results. Accurate patient test results, and safe practices are the most important elements of every clinical laboratory.

A proficiency testing course will provide the training to detect and correct performance issues as well as understand the regulatory requirements of PT to ensure your clinical laboratory remains compliant. This will ensure accurate, reliable patient test results.

And a bonus; a proficiency testing course will include timely instructor led “help and support” for the learner.

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