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Welcome to Conducting a 5S Event


In this course, you will learn the methodology of the 5S Workplace Organization that consists of Sort, Set, Shine, Standardize and Sustain. The 5 S methodology when implemented effectively in the laboratory, will assist to consistently maintain a visual, organized and orderly workplace. A successful event requires planning, preparing and executing 5 S in the laboratory. In addition to an orderly laboratory, we discuss 5 S Workplace Organization as a Lean philosophy. The 5S culture becomes a part of the “way we work around here” and serve as the ground work to prepare for a continuous improvement initiative. We will discuss team participation and the importance of gaining the assistance of the people that actually work in the area of focus. You will learn the importance of  maintaining weekly compliance, audits and follow-up activities by implementing processes that allow consistent documentation.

The meaning of 5S

  • Seiri / Sort: Sort what is necessary from the unnecessary
  • Seiton / Straighten and set in order
  • Seiso / Shine: Clean the laboratory
  • Seiketsu / Standardize the approach to everyday organization
  • Shitsuke / Sustain by implementing standard practices of auditing and accountability

This course includes

  1. Several short video lecture presentations: 8-12 minutes in length.
  2. Quiz – 10 questions.
  3. An assignment to demonstrate your skills

As a part of this course, through video instruction, you will learn new techniques to systematically prepare, plan and execute a 5S event within the organization. Please ensure to watch the entire video, take notes and think about how you can plan an event in your laboratory. 


This course will prepare you to develop, plan, recruit and implement 5S workplace organization in all areas of your organization or home.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate how to conduct a 5S event in the workplace
  2. Interpret the what, why and how of 5S
  3. Identify the importance of weekly compliance by instituting a 5S checklist
  4. Explain the audit process to sustain the effort 

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