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Fast Track Value Stream Mapping: Healthcare Process Redesign


1 Contact hour.  The Value Stream Map is a key tool for understanding the flow of people, materials and information through a process.  This course will teach you how to create current state  value stream map and with meaningful metrics, clearly identify and improve bottlenecks and barriers to flow.

The Value Stream Map is an essential Lean tool that focuses on seeing waste.  The Value Stream Map is a visual representation of the flow of people, materials and information.  Using measures, the tool demonstrates visually where flow is slowed or interrupted.  Using this critical information, teams identify steps in the process that require adjustment or elimination, find and improve ineffective information pathways, enhance the movement of materials and optimize the functions that transform inputs into outputs that satisfy customer demand.

This course includes:

  • Five short instructional videos (total time 50 minutes)
  • A ten-question quiz


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