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Full-Level: Observation: Go, See, and Ask “Why?”

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Welcome to Observation in the Laboratory

Observation in the laboratory is a “go and see” event that allows us to understand actual value-add activities in comparison to wasteful defective processes. We will discuss types of waste in the laboratory and understand how to conduct an observation in the area of focus. We will understand how to follow a unit of work through the process in order to gain an understanding of the process details that include the origin, reason and path of a defect. This could be a specimen, patient or a file. Once we understand all aspects of the defective path, we can redesign the process by application of the 4 Rules of Work Design to effectively translate wasteful processes into value-add by the scientific method of problem solving.

This course includes:

  1. Several short instructional videos
  2. 10 question quiz – You may need to go back and review the video instruction or your notes 
  3. Reflection Questions- Review of the topics learned 
  4. Assignment: Review the material prior to completing the article review: The article highlights the practices of the Toyota Production System as the 4 Rules of Work Design by Spear & Bowen, (1999). The rules illustrate how laboratories can establish a pattern for development of efficient processes. Read the article. Describe the 4 rules as applicable to your laboratory work processes. Describe ONE process within your laboratory in comparison to the 4 rules.  State if your laboratory process contains all elements of the 4 rules. If not, explain the missing rules.


At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Identify processes with the potential for defects
  2. Describe types of waste applicable to the laboratory
  3. Explain how the 4 rules of work design effectively translate into laboratory process improvements
  4. Outline activities to conduct a“go and see observation event”

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