Fast Track: Lean Management: Creating a Lean Structure in the Laboratory

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Welcome to Lean Management!

Lean Management is the development of leadership, operational structures, processes, people and synergistic activities that align the entire organization towards continual improvement. In this course, we will learn about quality and understand the path of our historical leaders that pursued operational excellence. Based on the lessons from the past, we will learn the methodology, tools, principles of Lean and understand how to adopt these techniques to our specific laboratory environment. The goal of this course is to develop a structured approach to waste elimination so only value add processes remain.

This course is designed to teach new skills to laboratory managers, administrators techs and all other employees. As a part of this course, through the video instruction, you will learn many new lessons, tools, philosophies and techniques.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Several short instructional video presentations
  • 10-question quiz
  • No assignment is required as a part of this course

This course includes:

  1. Interpret the principles of Lean to foster the development of a laboratory-specific improvement strategy, philosophy, method and tool set
  2. Explain the standard leadership practices necessary to drive Lean management
  3. Translate the lessons and methods from past quality experts to the current laboratory environment

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