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Full-Level: Value Stream Mapping: Designing Waste-Free Laboratory Process


6 Contact hours. In this course, you will design a simplistic laboratory current state value stream map.  By creating this process map, you will identify non- value add, value-add, bottlenecks and redundant paths. You will understand how to identify process waste and take steps to eliminate inefficiency as you design a future or an improved state.

In this virtual course, you will learn the simplistic concept of designing a Value Stream Map based on your laboratory process. We begin by listing the 5-7 high-level steps of our process that allow us to identify non-value added work, bottlenecks and redundant paths embedded in the workflow. You will learn the methodology to develop and redesign the current state process to eliminate non-value add activities or tasks. Applicable and relevant metrics will be chosen and applied to the Value Stream Map in order to accurately measure the current state in comparison to the redesigned future state. The metrics include: cycle time, take time, percent efficiency and many others.  


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