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Full-Level: Observation: Go, See and Ask “Why?”


6.0 Contact hours: Observation in the laboratory is a scheduled, planned event that will allow the team to “go and see” or go to the place where the work is happening and ask why? Through actual observation, the team will learn how wasteful defective processes originate and will understand how to perform the steps of process redesign through Lean methodologies.

Observation in the laboratory is a “go and see“ observation event that allows us to understand the actual value-add laboratory processes in comparison to wasteful defective processes. In this online course, we will learn the skill to plan, prepare, schedule and execute an observation event to “go and see” the actual process to understand how and where defects originate. We will discuss the types of waste in the laboratory, brainstorm process improvements and understand how to apply the 4 rules of work design to effectively translate wasteful processes into value-add by the application of the scientific method of problem-solving.

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