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Lean Culture 101: Laying the Foundation for a Lean Transformation


6 Contact hours. This course will help you assess and analyze your current culture and determine if changes are needed to support your Lean transformation.  In this course you will identify the unique characteristics of your corporate culture and leverage your cultural strengths to support and sustain a Lean revolution.

Description:  6 Contact hours This is a course about creating the foundation for an enterprise-wide Lean transformation.  Many believe, incorrectly, that Lean is only about process.  This could not be further from the truth.  Lean is about a way of thinking and that way of thinking must be broadly aligned across the entire organization.  Thus, starting your Lean transformation by considering your own corporate culture is the best way to ensure that any gains achieved through the application of Lean principles and tools are not ultimately lost in the ebb of cultural entropy.  This course will cover the concept of culture in an organization, will help you understand your own cultural definitions and cultural elements, will press you to imagine your ideal culture and finally will give you some tools for driving your own cultural growth. This course includes:

  • Five instructional videos (total time 2 hours, 15 minutes)
  • Six assignments
  • A ten-question quiz
  • A scheduled workshop

The course will take at minimum 8 hours to complete, but students may find that more time is needed to fully explore the concepts and complete the assignments.

Interactive Work Shop

Included in this course are scheduled Interactive Work Shops. These live virtual classrooms are instructor led and conducted to discuss tools, methodology, strategy and application of lessons to the live environment. The sessions are held and recorded for future viewing. Participation is encouraged.

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