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Fast Track Adapting Toyota Principles to Laboratory Workflow


3.0 Contact hours: We will learn the Lean tools, fundamentals of work rules and methodology of the Toyota Production System principles adaptable and specific to laboratory work flow. Referred as 14 principles of the Toyota Way, we adopt 8 of those principles considered operational and translate the concepts to the laboratory environment.

3.0 Contact hours. In this virtual course, you will learn how to identify waste in laboratory processes considered as value-add necessary tasks and activities for the overall process or non-value add or waste. We will learn to identify and eliminate waste and inefficiency by the adoption of Lean. We will learn Lean tools, fundamentals of work rules, ¬†practical examples and discuss the methodology referred to as 14 principles of the Toyota Way translated to the laboratory environment. Throughout this course, we will brainstorm the application of ¬†8 of the 14 principles we named “laboratory operational principles” specifically adaptable to laboratory workflow. These Lean principles serve as the foundation or blueprint to improve workflow by continuously implementing improvements in your laboratory from specimen collection to report. An assignment is not required as a part of this course.

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