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Bundle: Laboratory Process Optimization

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17.5 Contact Hours ($175.00)

Process Optimization in the Laboratory


In this bundle of 3 courses, we start with learning the concepts, tools, principles and history of Lean. You will understand the application of each Lean tool necessary to transition the laboratory filled with daily defects to an effortless workflow. Understanding the application of each Lean tool is instrumental to achieve waste free processes and significant cost savings. We begin our journey by going to where the work is happening to understand how and why defects occur. Many of the activities in the laboratory lack a standard process so creating a direct connection between hand offs is critical. Once you understand where the problems exist you can apply Lean problem solving tools to eliminate one problem at a time and develop a consistent process. This concept of one improvement at a time is referred to as continuous improvement. We identify defects, problem solve and eventually acheive process optimization in waste free laboratory.






The series consist of the following 3 courses:

  1. Introduction to Lean in the Diagnostic Laboratory
  2. Observation: Go and See and Ask “Why”
  3. A3 Scientific Method to Problem Solving



This course includes:

  1. Several Instructional videos
  2. (3) quizzes
  3. (3) Reflection points – questions for critical thinking
  4. (3) Assignments



Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Define the principles, methodology and tools of Lean specific to laboratory work processes
  2. Recognize processes with the potential for defects and define types of waste applicable to the laboratory
  3. Evaluate/interpret each element and formulate an A 3




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