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Welcome to Using Lean Methods to Expedite Improvement


This bundle consists of 2 courses to prepare the learner with the understanding, knowledge and skill to implement effective process improvements in the laboratory. You will learn the methods and tools of Lean that will assist you to develop 5-7 high level steps of a process within the current state of a Value Stream Map. The current state illustrates how the process operates today and the methodology demonstrates the strategy that will allow us to identify defective handoffs between each step, calculate the metrics for all aspects of the process, identify waste and opportunities for improvement. The future state is the process of redesigning the original flow noted in the current state to eliminate the non-value add steps or waste no longer supported by the customer. Originally used by the Toyota Production System, the scientific method of problem solving will be used to eliminate waste, process problems or bottlenecks. Through the A3 we will identify the problem, collect metrics, develop graphs to illustrate the problem, brainstorm solutions and test the validity of the improved process by implementing a pilot and observing to see if the solution was a good fit. 

This bundle include the following 2 courses:

  1. Value Stream Mapping: Designing a Waste Free Laboratory Process
  2. A3 Problem Solving in the Diagnostic Laboratory

This course includes:

  • (2) Quizzes
  • (4) Reflection points–questions for more critical thinking
  • (2) Assignments


Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Summarize wasteful activities in a current state map and estimate the origin of non-value added activities with healthcare workflow
  2. Identify opportunities for improvement
  3. Formulate an A3 and organize each element

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